Free carding/scamming starter pack

I had too much free time, and put together a organized folder with everything you need to start carding, and scamming. It's got guides, carding methods, bank glitch tutorials, tons of other money methods, links, etc. I tried to organize it as best I could, but figured it might help someone. I'm able to keep it updated with current methods, bins, etc, and will make sure to do that, if people seem to use it.

If you happen to get use out of it in some way, or made some money with the information in it, donations to $FittedBedSheet on CashApp are greatly appreciated, but not required (obviously)

I just made it in hopes it'd help someone out

Here's the link:
hey if you give me a website link onion prefered t buy fulls and dumps and bank logs once verified its a trusted seller and his infos are real ill pay you directly in crypto.